You Just Moved to Nashville – Now What?

You’ve just moved into a gorgeous, high-end apartment in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood! You have made it! Now what? Being a Nashvillian for close to six years, we’re here to help. There are a few key steps required to localize yourself. Presuming you’ve already had the obligatory Angel Wings photoshoot, you are now feeling very local, even though it’s your first day as a Nashville resident. This is normal. Touristy things will interest you only when your small-town friends come visit, so save those experiences for entertaining.

So, let’s start with step 1- your wardrobe. Be honest with yourself, you need to clear out your closet to make room for NASH hats, Smashville gear, and distressed band tees. I recommend The ARC of Davidson County, which will make donation pickups of clothing and household goods. Pro-tip, you mustn’t wear cowboy boots as a “local”, so those can go. I know, it sounds contradictory, but trust me on this one. Chances are, your donated belongings will bring joy to someone in need. The ARC is a major contributor to Nashville communities, focusing its efforts on programs for people with developmental disabilities.

Giving back: it’s the Nashville way! You may pick up your NASH hat around the corner from us at e.Allen.

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